Video ( Arita, Saga pref.)


video project


Performers: Fukuda Hazuki / Oghi Akari / Watanabe Midori (kimono) / Yuriko Matsuoka

The body language I rechoreographed (used from from Japanese Summer Matcha  Tea Ceremony) ~ focusing on: kneeling, walking, bowing. Fascination comes how restricted trained body movements are sterilising the object and space. Is that – a function? or ritualising/ sacralizing the meaning of space, challenging the perception of time…… Drawing all attention to predefined architecture/interior and kimono body aesthetics.


Research: Four layers of kimono divides the installation into front, shoulder line, back and sleeve. Butkute uses the layers and shapes of a kimono for the actors movements in the space.The Kimono itself is becoming a floor plan. The artist explores Japanese summer tea ceremony for a performance choreography. The space of the performance is divided into parts with specific places for kneeling, walking and bowing. Preparing tea in this ceremony means pouring all ones attention into predefined movements.




Space divided into : Front /Sholder line/ Sleeve /Back



cut okumi – fold body sleeve


12 layers of kimono = 8 limbs of the body


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