tiles/ Installation (Arita residency, Saga research lab)

Artist Ruta Butkute researches the performativity of material, porcelain from Arita, Japan. Liquid porcelain slip is becoming a body for shape, color and pattern. Through the choreographed movement of slip flow the artist explores the nature of water and stone and its graphics. As a reference the artist uses the traditional kimono forms and its traditional textile patterns. It is becoming a guideline for creating porcelain tile shapes which grows into an installation and video w0rks.

Slip casting video  ( porcelain  tiles ) will be exhibited 19th Tokyo, 20th August – 2 nd October Osaka, 25 th Arita



 Project: BOW CLAP BOW

Presentations/exhibition artist will exhibit slip casting video & installation of tiles, & will share process of performative video in tatami room  ( in process). Slip casting video  ( porcelain  tiles ) will be exhibited 19th Tokyo, 20th August – 2 nd October Osaka, 25 th Arita. Please e-mail if you are interested in further project details: r.m.butkute@gmail.com

Yuki - Sleeve length


Working on Yukata Sleeve 






Swinging Sleeve


12 choreographic layers   3



Searching for seigaiha=partial wave

Feting Stiching








zig-zag SHIDE

A white paper GOHEI is most commonly used. It is placed on the  Shinto altar often along with a mirror. During the ritual called kami-oroshi (bringing-down-kami) .The gohei is always a symbol of the kami’s presence.

A GOHEI is used in ceremonial purification. It is rubbed against a worshipper to dispel evil influences.


1. A thin board; a billet of wood; a splinter.

HOW TO MAKE//// zigzag-shaped paper streamer




Onusa/a Shintoist in a typical purification ritual. The wand or harai gushi (sweeping squewer/stick) that the priest is holding is a wooden pole to which is attached a great many of the zigzag strips mentioned above






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